Let yourself be seduced by the warm colours of the 14 carat gold in combination with the lush sparkle of diamond or zirconium. And what to think of the exuberant trendy combination of sterling silver, pearls and deeply coloured cubic zirkonium, which can be worn both chic and sportive.

Or choose a pure sterling silver variant - modern, businesslike and sleek- in a word, abundant choice.

All silver jewelry weighing more than 8 gram and gold jewelry over 1 gram are checked by the Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland (Precious Metal Certification Netherlands), and are equipped with a certificate alongside a hallmark. Below you will find help and answers to the most frequent questions regarding our products.

All conditions, warranties and FAQs are not applicable to the Jewels and Diamond collection. See the FAQ under the heading; Jewels & diamonds

  • What are the ring sizes?

    The ring size is the diameter of the inside of your ring in mm. There are 2 possibilites:

    • The rings are available in multi-size (which means the ring can be adjusted from size 16 to size 19)
    • If it is not a multi-size, you can choose from 4 sizes: size 16, size 17, size 18, size 19. The ring is not adjustable! Check your ring size according to the ring measure image on the website.

    Place a properly fitting ring on the ring measure. Make sure that the 0-dash in the bottom left is just visible on the inside. Now look at the middle line of the ring. The amount of millimetres is the correct size.

  • How long is the offer valid?

    Until stocks are used up.

  • What is silver?

    In the Netherlands, Sterling silver is the used standard. Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver, alongside other metals. According to the Dutch Assay Act of 1986, silver jewelry above 8 grams must be certified. The Assay checks the correct silver content to protect the consumer. All jewelry over 8 grams have been checked by the Assay. The sterling silver jewelry is fitted with the hall mark 925, which guarantees the authenticity of your jewel.

  • What is a zirkonium?

    Zirkonium is a synthetic stone that is the only material that approaches the features of diamond so closely that the difference is very hard to see with the naked eye. Zirkonium is made, besides white, in many modern colours. Zirkonium gives off, like diamond, a beautiful shimmer.

  • What are freshwater pearls?

    The freshwater pearl is a unique natural product in which man and nature work together masterfully. The freshwater oyster is opened by man, utilizing the utmost care, and equipped with a number of small balls. The oyster is then closed again and placed back in the water, where it will start making a layer of pearl around the balls. This pearl can have a multitude of different colours. After some time, the oyster is brought up and opened, and the shiny pearls are 'harvested', after which the cycle begins anew.

    Professional inspectors carefully select the pearls on colour, size and form, after which they are drilled and the Di Lusso specialists get to work.

  • What is rhodium?

    Rhodium is a metal closest to Platinum. Rhodium-plating jewelry is applied to protect them from oxidation, alongside giving them a beautiful appearance. It also causes a somewhat more rigid surface, causing rings to stay on the finger better. Rhodium has a beautiful white colour (between Chrome and Stainless Steel) and is not sensitive to atmospheric influences.

  • What is the best way to keep your jewelry beautiful?

    To ensure the lifespan of the jewelry, it is important to take note of the following;

    • never wear jewelry at night
    • do not wear jewelry while exercising
    • do not wear jewelry during household tasks. Some cleaning agents can affect jewelry, and so can perfum & chemicals.

    Because of the large amount of sulphur compounds in the atmosphere, silver can start oxidising. This gives a dark shade to the silver, but does not affect it. People who suffer from elevated pH of the skin, notice that silver jewelry quickly turns dark, especially in the summer months. This is partly due to extra dust particles in the atmosphere. The taint is easily removed by polishing the piece with a silver cloth or by dipping the jewelry in a special silver cleaning agent for several seconds.

    SO: Watch out for substances containing sulphur: for example, rubber bands, peas, potatoes, eggs and gravy. Chlorine (in pools) also produces white spots on the silver, which can't be brushed away.

  • Is there an authentication?

    All silver jewelry over 8 grams and gold jewelry over 1 gram, are controlled by the Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland and have a quality mark and are provided with a certificate.